- WHY US? -
6 reasons to trust us.

Extensive Experience

Long and successful experience in the Health Industry, having undertaken and successfully completed numerous demanding Projects.


An extensive Portfolio of successfully completed Projects. Extensive network and effective 'penetration' throughout Greece.

Focusing on the result

Direct and effective 'penetration' into target markets, resulting in a direct increase of the clints' turnover, by the development of new colaborations.


Long established partnerships in the field of Health in Greece and abroad. Reliable and result oriented Professionals and experienced in Health Partners-Executives, who have been tested in many Projects undertaken.


Scecialized and tailor-made Strategic Action, resulting in long-term sustainable turnover development of the Business Entity or the Physicians' Private Practice.

Holistic Support

Full Marketing & Turn Over Development support of the Physician's Practice or the Business Entities', at all levels. From effective 'penetration', to regional/Peripheral Prefectures (markets), to the Markets Abroad to Training and Systematic Monitoring of the Staff and the continuous contact with Patients of the Medical Practice (or Business' co-operating Doctors), the design of new innovative Services, etc.